अंतराल (हिन्दी) – कक्षा 11 एन. सी. ई. आर. टी. पुस्तक | Antral (Hindi) – Class 11th N.C.E.R.T Books

Pustak Ka Vivaran : parishad paathyapustak nirmaan ke saath saath poorak pathan ke lie bhee pustakon ka nirmaan karatee hai . paathyapustak kee apanee seemaen hotee hai . saahity kee pramukh vidhavaon kee sabhee pramukh rachanaon ko paathyapustak me sametana sambhav nahin hota isalie vishisht rachana ya saamagree jo vidyaarthee kee umr roochi aur yogata ke anuroop ho, poorak pathan kee pustak me dee jaatee hai………….

Description about eBook : The Council also produces books for supplementary reading along with construction of textbooks. Textbooks have their own limitations. It is not possible to compile all major compositions of the major widows of literature in the textbook, therefore the specific composition or material that corresponds to the age of the student and the yogi, is given in the supplementary reading book…………….

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