आत्मसाक्षात्कार : दादा भगवान द्वारा हिंदी पीडीएफ पुस्तक | Aatmsakshatkar : by Dada Bhagwan Hindi PDF Book

Pustak Ka Vivaran : Jeevamatr kya dhoondhta hai? Aanand dhoondhta hai, lekin ghadibhar bhi anand nahin mil paata. vivaah samaaroh mein jayen ya naatak mein jayen, lekin vaapis phir dukh aa jaata hai. jis sukh ke baad dukh aaye, use sukh hi kaise kahenge? Vah to murchha ka anand kahlata hai. sukh to paramanent hota hai. yah to temporeroy sukh hai aur balki kalpit hai, mana hua hai. har ek aatma kya dhoondhta hai? Hamesha ke lie sukh, shashvat sukh dhoondhta hai. Vah ‘ismen se milega, ismen se milega. yah le loon, aisa karoon, bangla banaun to sukh aaega, gaadi le loon to sukh milega’, aise karta rahta hai. Lekin kuchh bhi nahin milta. Balki aur adhik janjalon mein phans jaata hai. sukh khud ke andar hi hai, aatma mein hi hai | Atah jab aatma prapt karta hai, tab hee santan (sukh) hi prapt hoga………….

Description about eBook : What does the creature find? Finds happiness, but happiness is not available even during the clock. Go to the wedding ceremony or go to the drama, but it comes back again. How can we say that happiness after the happiness? That is called the enjoyment of a folly. Happiness is paramount. These are tempered pleasures, and rather they are conceived, believed. What does each soul find? Always seek happiness, eternal happiness. He will get ‘from it, he will get from it.’ Take this, do it, it will be pleasant to build a bungalow, if you get a car then you will get happiness, keep doing it like this. But nothing gets. Rather, it is trapped in more turbulent times. Pleasure is in itself, it is in the soul itself. Therefore, when the soul attains, then only the eternal (happiness) will be attained……………

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